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STOP! You’re Warming Up Wrong

The Right Way to Start Your Workout There’s no denying the importance of a thorough warm-up before you begin your workout. Not only can warming up help to prevent injuries, but a proper warm-up could even help you perform better […]

Weight Loss

A Smart Guide to Losing Weight the Right Way

What Does Sustainability Have to do with Weight Loss? Do you know what the hardest thing is about losing weight? Your first guess might be calorie counting or exercise, but that’s not it. The most difficult part of any weight […]


Nick’s Nutrition Series, Part 5, Macros

Nutrition: Micronutrients You are what you eat. Right? Quite literally, yes, your body is only as amazing as the material it has to work with. We’ve learned the quality of food you put into your body has a huge impact […]

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Nick’s Nutrition Series, Part 4 Macros

Chapter 4: Fats Just like carbs I’ve found that fats really get a bad rep. So let me make clear that eliminating fats from your diet does not eliminate body fat. Consuming the right amount of healthy fats and exercise will […]

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Nick’s Nutrition Series, Part 3 Macros

Chapter 3: Carbohydrates Let’s start with energy. The body burns alcohol, protein, carbs, and fat; in that order. Because alcohol cannot be stored it must be used first. But the majority of energy our body uses comes from a mix […]

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Nick’s Nutrition Series, Part 2 Macros

Part 2: Protein The best recognized of all nutrients in terms of health and single most important nutrient for building muscle, PROTEIN. When broken down, proteins are differently arranged amino acids. Certain amino acids aren’t created in the body and […]

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Who Loves Breakfast For Dinner?

Meal Planning Breakfast for dinner anyone? Breakfast is a favorite for dinner at our house. Here is an easy recipe you can whip up for yourself when the family wants breakfast for dinner. Toast two pieces of super low carb/low […]

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Take Time To Wind Down

Take time to Focus on your Wellness We all have rituals… habits we repeat almost daily that mark a part of the day and prepare us for what’s to come… like, coffee in the morning or maybe a morning devotional. The point is […]