Women Doing Excercise using bar

Dance and Fitness: The Fusion of Two Incredible Worlds

  Dance Your Way to Fitness Daily physical fitness routines have the potential to prevent or reverse the progression of serious mental and physical health conditions, including depression, heart disease, and diabetes. Unfortunately, only about 5% of adults exercise the […]

Women Busy on iPhone

What’s With All The PokeZombies In My Parking Lot?

You may have noticed an increase in pedestrian traffic in front of your favorite businesses and hangouts. At Texas FITT we have noticed our share of these PokeZombies and after discovering what the seemingly random increase of people was doing, […]

couple doing stretches on road

STOP! You’re Warming Up Wrong

The Right Way to Start Your Workout There’s no denying the importance of a thorough warm-up before you begin your workout. Not only can warming up help to prevent injuries, but a proper warm-up could even help you perform better […]