When you’re feeling under the weather, the last thing you probably want to think about doing is going for a run on the treadmill. However, there are some situations where exercising while you’re sick can actually be beneficial, potentially shortening the length of your illness and the severity of your symptoms.

Before you decide to brave it out and don your workout clothes, however, there are a few things you need to know about exercising while sick. Continue reading Should I Exercise while Sick?

Most of us overindulge during the holiday season. Now that it’s a new year it’s time to get healthy and lose the extra weight that’s been holding you back. It’s not just about losing weight, however, but about improving your overall health and being the best you can be. There are several steps you can take to get moving in the right direction.

Start the 20/30 Fast Track Program

Woman posing before and after losing 63 pounds with the 20/30 fast track programThe 20/30 Fast Track Program will not only help you to lose 20 pounds in only 30 days but will teach you a new lifestyle that will keep the weight off. If you’re always feeling cranky and tired, or fighting your sweet and salty cravings, this program can help you get your health back. Being able to lose 20 pounds in 30 days will not only help you get control of your weight as soon as possible but will enable you to quickly start enjoying your life.

It’s important to remember that losing weight isn’t just about taking off the pounds but maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are several simple lifestyle changes you can make that will keep the weight from coming back. For starters, make sure to begin each morning with a healthy breakfast. It’s also necessary to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. This could include something as simple as taking lunchtime walks to joining an exercise class.

Eat Great Tasting, Healthy Food

There are lots of ways to eat your vegetables while enjoying food that is satisfying and delicious. The Mayo Clinic features this yummy avocado dip recipe.


  • 1 fairly ripe avocado that’s pitted, peeled, and mashed
  • 1/2 cup of low-fat or fat-free sour cream
  • 1/8 teaspoon of hot sauce
  • 2 teaspoons of finely chopped onion

Combine avocado, sour cream, hot sauce, and onion in a bowl. Stir until well mixed. Serve with whole grain tortilla chips or veggies.

Not only is it great to enjoy a recipe that’s both healthy and tastes delicious, but one that promotes fat burning. Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials features a Ginger Spice Smoothie that tastes great while accelerating fat burning.


  • 1 1/2 cups cashew or almond milk
  • 2 teaspoons ginger that’s grated
  • 1/4 teaspoons nutmeg that’s grated
  • 2 tablespoons almond butter (raw)
  • a handful of baby spinach or other favorite greens

Put ingredients in a blender, blending until creamy. Enjoy your smoothie right away.

Get Started Todayman posing for before and after pics to show weight loss

The 20/30 Fast Track Program is unique in that it’s developed to listen to your body. Increasing your energy, reducing stress, and creating the most healthy you possible is what the program is all about. The key is to find certified coaches and wellness experts that can get you started on the right track. There’s no reason to wait any longer to lose weight, feel great, and take control of your life. Contact Texas Fitt to get started today.



December 14, 2017

With New Year’s fast approaching, we’re guessing you’ve been thinking about setting some goals for yourself in 2018.

Frustrated with past years’ efforts?

It may not just be about a lack of so-called “willpower.” Your goals themselves may be part of the issue.

Why Set a Goal in the First Place?

Before we get into how to set better goals, which will help you commit to and achieve them, let’s take a moment to highlight why goals are so important in the first place.

The short answer: people who set goals achieve more.

Research from places like the Harvard Business School has found that people with goals tend to have better health, make more money, and enjoy more quality relationships compared to people who don’t set goals. This is partly due to the neurochemical changes going on in your brain as a result of goal-setting, which includes increases in dopamine (a reward-driven neurotransmitter) and endocannabinoids (neurotransmitters which influence habit development, mood, and memory).

You read that right. The act of goal setting in itself can change your brain, and it’s these very changes which can help you stay committed and build the discipline necessary to develop new habits.

The Anatomy of a S.M.A.R.T Goal

Thanks to psychological research, it’s clear that having a good goal can keep you focused, inspire you to make action plans, and help you follow through.

But what does a “good” goal look like, exactly?

You don’t have to wait for a New Year’s Resolution, the first of the month, or the start of the week to begin working on a new goal. But even we’ll admit there’s something satisfying about waking up January 1st with a new goal in mind.

If this is your plan for 2018, we encourage you to make sure your goals follow the S.M.A.R.T protocol:


Simple and easy to describe. You’re clear on the What, Why, and How’s of your goals.


There is a clear way for you to determine whether you do or don’t achieve your goal. Possible metrics include pounds, minutes, dollars, etc.


Though challenging, a good goal is something you can reasonably expect yourself to accomplish, based on your current and developing skills, knowledge, and resources.


Your goal should measure outcomes, not activities.


You have a deadline that’s both realistic and practical yet creates a healthy sense of tension.

In addition to the above key features, we’d like to point out some additional aspects to quality goals:

  • They are written in the present “I” tense. That is: “I am losing 15 pounds of body fat by June 1st, 2018.”
  • They are genuinely meaningful to you, and not something that you think you “should” do.
  • They are challenging, and force you to go outside your comfort zone a little.

Goal-Setting Inspiration

At Texas FITT, we’re all about supporting our members who are working toward becoming the best versions of themselves possible. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of conscious goal-setting, and are here to help you maximize your potential in any way we can! Contact us today to find out about our comprehensive wellness and fitness services and start your New Year strong!


The holidays are almost here, and that means holiday weight gain can’t be far behind. While studies show the average person only gains about 1-2 pounds during the holidays, other research shows the weight that is gained tends to stick around – often for the rest of your life. And over time, the amassed total can have significant consequences for your health and wellness.

In fact, lots of studies show being just a few pounds overweight can cause or contribute to serious and chronic medical problems like high blood pressure, heart attacks and heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, arthritis – even cancer. Plus, snacking and feasting on fatty, sugary foods from Thanksgiving through New Year’s wreaks havoc with healthy-eating habits that can take months to establish, which means you’ll be back at ground zero once the holiday merrymaking subsides.

Holiday Weight Gain Solution

So what’s the solution? Be proactive – ramp up your workouts and target problem areas now so your metabolism and your healthy eating habits will be fully revved up before the holiday feasting season begins. At TexasFITT, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all weight loss and training programs. We specialize in custom fitness and weight loss programs developed to help address each client’s unique needs and stumbling blocks. And when you sign up now, you can get that all-important jumpstart to help you avoid holiday weight gain (and all the medical issues associated with being even a few pounds overweight).

We can also show you how to adjust your everyday activities to maximize your calorie burn with simple changes in routine that can have significant impacts on your health and your weight. That’s because our trainers don’t just focus on weight loss; they look at your whole health and your lifestyle to craft a fitness solution that’s tailored to you. By establishing those habits now, you’ll be ready to ward off holiday weight gain – and you’ll have the positive feedback and support you need to stay on track throughout the holiday season and beyond.

20-30-fast-track resultsAnd if you want to really get your weight – and your healthy lifestyle – back on track fast, we offer our 20/30 Fast Track and Listen to Your Body programs, designed to address all areas of your health and wellness, so the weight you lose stays off. The program addresses the seven different hormones that can make losing weight impossible, so you can enjoy the long-term benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle adjusted and customized for your personal wellness needs.

Plus, our personal trainers are always on hand to provide the level of motivation, education, and encouragement you need to stay on track and achieve your personal weight loss and fitness goals. Not sure how to set those goals? Our trainers can help you with that, too. At TexasFITT, we offer a broad array of membership options to make it as easy as possible to set, achieve and maintain your fitness goals. And we’ve got lots of classes to keep your workouts exciting and effective.

Losing weight, staying fit, and even beating a chronic health problem are all great reasons to head to the gym, but one of the best benefits of working out can’t be seen at all. When you work out, your heart health improves right along with your muscles and performance. The benefits to your heart and cardiovascular system may not create visible physical results but will help you live a longer, healthier life. According to heart experts at the American Heart Association, every time you work out or engage in physical activity, your cardiovascular system benefits.

Regular Exercise Lowers your Blood Pressure

Working out can help lower both your heart rate and your blood pressure. Since hypertension contributes to heart disease and other ailments, committing to regular exercise can lower your risk and prevent you from having to take a medication with uncomfortable side effects.

Natural Weight Control

When you are overweight, your heart has to work harder than ever, according to experts at Johns Hopkins Heart Center. Regular exercise will help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, protecting your heart and health in the process. If you have struggled to lose weight, heart health can be an added incentive to help you maintain what you have lost and to stay on track, too.

Exercise Can Help You Quit Other Habits

Smokers often quit smoking when they start to work out – the two habits simply aren’t compatible. When you opt for a session in the gym instead of indulging in a less healthy practice, you benefit. Your heart will thank you too – smoking is a key risk factor for a variety of heart-related ailments.

Strong Muscles Equal a Healthy Heart

Working out makes you stronger – and those muscles do more than help you look your best. When you add muscle mass, your body is better able to draw oxygen from your blood as it circulates, so your heart doesn’t have to work as hard, according to Johns Hopkins.

Exercise Busts Stress Levels

Are you in an unusually good mood after a workout? That is endorphins at work. When you work out, you naturally ease your stress. Too much stress can lead to unhealthy habits and even stress-related hormones that can damage your heart. Exercise and you’ll feel less stressed out – and your heart will thank you, too.

Whether you work out at a gym, with a trainer, go for a brisk walk, or even swim laps in a pool, taking the time to work out regularly can benefit not only your appearance but your overall health as well. Committing to a regular workout schedule can help protect your heart and ensure you avoid some of the most common risk factors associated with heart disease.