No Limit FITT

Test Yourself in No Limit FITT

Limits? What limits! There’ll be none here as you push yourself past your limits in our no-holds-barred No Limit FITT classes. These exciting workouts blend traditional strength training with dynamic cross-training and full-body power moves, all done in a supportive, high-energy group environment where the only person you’re competing against is you.

What to Expect at No Limit FITT

This class is amazing, and so is the instructor! You can expect something a little different every day: One minute you’ll be doing plyometric jumps, the next you’ll be hustling through cardio intervals or heaving kettlebells and Olympic weights around. Come dressed in clothes that let you move freely, with a water bottle, a towel — or two — to soak up sweat, an open mind, and the willingness to try anything. Supportive, closed-toe sneakers are a must in this sort of class.

Because No Limit FITT is so intense, it’s a good idea to come early and let the instructor know in advance if you’re just starting out. That way they can scale the class and the exercises to suit your fitness and ability levels, and pay special attention to making sure that you’re getting your form right. Keeping that good form is the key to avoiding injury, so don’t be shy about asking if you have a question, or scaling the exercises to be easier — or more challenging — as you find your limits and push past them.

No Limit FITT classes cost the same ($10) for all members and non-members, so this is a great chance to grab a friend and show them just what they’re capable of. No Limit FITT may be intense, but it can be adapted to suit just about anybody. A few sessions of No Limit FITT are all it takes to show you that you’re capable of anything

Class Schedule

  • Thursdays – 6:30 PM