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Zumba: Dance Your Way to a Healthier Happier YouZumba Class in Arlington, TX

Shake, shimmy, and groove your way healthy in TexasFITT’s Zumba classes. Don’t think of these Latin-dance-inspired classes as workouts — they’re really a dance party! Zumba’s smooth-flowing, minimalist cueing style is designed with easy-to-follow moves that let you focus on letting loose and having fun, instead of worrying about whether you’re pointing your toes or holding your hands just right.

What to Expect in a TexasFITT Zumba Class

Come dressed to sweat in clothing that lets you move freely. Dress your feet in dance sneakers or any other supportive footwear that won’t stick to the floor when you do turns or quick changes of direction.

Zumba dance parties are set primarily to Latin pop songs and other world music. You’ll see basic Latin dance steps like cumbia, merengue, and salsa, but don’t worry — you don’t dance with a partner, you don’t have to memorize any turn patterns, and nobody’s going to critique your style. If you don’t get a move the first time, just keep dancing! Zumba instructors build up their own library of personalized choreography and favorite music, and the choreography is set to mimic the music’s structure, so you’ll get several chances to nail the verse or chorus in any given song.

Zumba instructors cue primarily with hand gestures and demonstrations. That might be confusing if you’re used to a lot of shouted instructions in a group fitness class, but the whole idea is to let you concentrate on the music, moving your body and having fun. By the time you’ve come to class a few times, you’ll have the dance moves nailed!

If you’re brand-new, the safest place to be is in the middle of the room: That way if the class turns around and dances facing to the back or sides, you’ll still have someone in front of you to watch. Be ready to leave your water bottle, towel, and any other belongings you bring into the fitness room along the wall, so the floor stays open for the dancers.

Zumba is usually a low- to medium-impact activity, but some instructors incorporate higher-impact moves like jumps into some of their songs. These are always optional, and if you let the instructor know beforehand, they’ll demonstrate low-impact variations of the same moves.

Class Schedule

  • Mondays – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesdays – 6:30 PM
  • Fridays – 5:30 PM