Fitness Center & Gym in Pantego, TX

Why We Love Pantego, TX

Town of Pantego TX signPantego is a smaller city within Arlington that lies right in the heart of the bigger Dallas Metropolitan area. The population of this tiny, but the mighty city is around 2400 fine people. In total area, Pantego is only around 1 square mile wide, but for those that live there, they wouldn’t live anywhere else in Texas, because the love for this city is Texas-sized.

The community of Pantego is very tight-knit, where everyone looks out for each other and has very friendly relationships with their neighbors. The city itself is always working on improvement projects that will benefit all their residents. For example, a brand new “splash pad” is about to break ground at Bicentennial Park, so kids of all ages will be able to cool off from the hot Texas sun when it’s up and running very soon.

Staying Fit in Pantego, TX

Staying fit and in shape is important to all the residents of Pantego, TX. You can always see people out and about, running or walking around the city to get their fitness goals achieved. That’s why Texas FITT has found a great home near the city of Pantego at 1919 W Pioneer Pkwy.

Our state of the art facility is home to the most modern gym equipment, miles of treadmill tracks, and even a smoothie bar when you need a quick liquid “pick me up” while you are working out. Our facility is so much more than a gym, it’s a lifestyle program geared towards total health and fitness, for mind, body, and soul. Connect with your friends and neighbors at Texas FITT, because it’s a great place to workout and meet some of your neighbors in this very tight-knit town, where it is so much fun and easy to stay fit.

Getting Outside in Pantego, TX

Bicentennial Park sign in Pantego TXThe city of Pantego is proud to maintain and run its park systems. You can find all kinds of hiking, biking, and outdoor activities at Bicentennial Park. Even though it’s a small community park, you can feel the energy here every time you visit. There is also a pavilion and gazebo facility, which the city allows its residents to rent out, so it’s the perfect location for that outdoor bash or party you want to have. The weather in Pantego is very nice year round, with the average temperature being around 67 degrees.

On the Pantego city website, you can find out about events coming up around town all throughout the year. There is never a shortage of activities to do outside, even if it’s just climbing onto your bicycle and tooling around town.

If running is more your pleasure, take part in the Pantego Fest 5k. This takes place every year in September and is a great event to bring the whole family to. The event itself features a steak cook-off, various bands performing on the main stage, and even a wine and craft beer tent to enjoy some local drinks. You deserve a day off every now and then, right? It’s the perfect way to wrap up getting outside during the summertime at this fun festival that practically the whole town shows up for.

Healthy Choices in Pantego, TX

Other than coming to Texas FITT for the best total gym experience around, there are a variety of ways to be healthy in Pantego. The city itself encourages a healthy spirit, and they are close to grocery stores that promote health like Whole Foods, Tom Thumb, and even Walmart has an extensive selection of organic foods. It’s never been easier to make healthy choices and Pantego is all in when it comes to helping their residents stay fit. You can even read about the “Couch to 5k” initiative on their website, which lays out all the steps you need to turn a couch potato lifestyle into a running machine in no time at all.

Plus being in the Pantego area allows you have access to the surrounding areas of Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, so the big city lifestyle is easy to achieve, even when your home is in the small town of Pantego.

For restaurants that feature healthy dining cuisine, a great example is Salijo’s, which offers a healthy Texas FITT menu with lean meats and veggies. Sal the owner is always happy to accommodate healthier choices.

For day spas to invigorate your body with a variety of wellness treatments, try The Blossom Spa, which features a “Maui Spa Facial” that is going to treat your skin to a pampering experience like never before, using pineapple and papaya extract to decongest clogged pores.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

We offer flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals.