Smoothie Bar in Arlington, TX

Your body works best when you give it the right fuel, so make sure you stop by our smoothie bar before or after class, or anytime you need a quick, healthy pick-me-up to brighten your day. This cheery, open space is open to the public during gym hours — you don’t have to be a member of our gym to use it — so it’s a great excuse to bring a friend and spend some quality time together.

What the Smoothie Bar Offers

At TexasFITT we believe that every day is an opportunity, and the only thing better for your health than exercise is diet and exercise. If you haven’t been seeing workout results as quickly as you’d like, nutrition is probably the missing element. We make nailing that nutrition easy by providing the smoothie bar as a place to tank up on the fuel that’ll help your body perform at its best.

We offer a wide range of smoothies to help energize you before class or restore your body after. We also serve a selection of delicious meals that are low-calorie and nutritious, so they’ll actually help you toward your goals. Many people are surprised to find that eating right doesn’t have to mean feeling deprived or hungry — in fact, making a habit out of eating healthy food can increase your quality of life.

Customized Meal Plans at the Smoothie Bar

Whether you’re conquering food allergies or using nutrition to help you meet a specific fitness goal, the TexasFITT smoothie bar also offers customized meals and meal plans. Stop by to chat with our staff about how we can help you fuel your body the healthy way, and don’t forget that our professional trainers can help you tweak your workout — or your workout and nutrition together — to really optimize the results you’re getting.