Dance and Fitness: The Fusion of Two Incredible Worlds

November 28, 2016


Dance Your Way to Fitness

Daily physical fitness routines have the potential to prevent or reverse the progression of serious mental and physical health conditions, including depression, heart disease, and diabetes. Unfortunately, only about 5% of adults exercise the recommended 30 minutes a day for improved health. The biggest barrier keeping individuals from committing to daily exercise routines is a lack of engagement. When individuals feel engaged in their fitness activities, it is easier to ignore discomfort and push onto the next level.

Through the fusion of dance with fitness principles, the engagement factor disappears for those who love to move with the music. In response to this revelation, barre FITT was born. In these professionally led classes, individuals work toward long, lean bodies and total wellness through calm movements paired with classical music.

Shining Example

The ever-stunning ballet pro, Misty Copeland, is leading the charge toward this fitness revolution. Her ability to overcome great odds, and instantly flourish and thrive in the demanding ballet profession, provide endless inspiration for individuals looking to improve their own station in life. Her incredible skills on the dance floor and total commitment to physical fitness have recently earned her an endorsement from a leading sports apparel manufacturer, Under Armour.

With Copeland at the helm, the Barre FITT phenomenon will likely continue its reach and persuade the masses to integrate physical movement into their daily routines. The way Copeland pirouettes and glides across the floor is providing the encouragement many need to embrace this merger of disciplines fully.

Linking Disciplines

With a commitment to daily stretches and exercises, it is possible to build the strength and endurance required to lead a healthy life. When enrolled in Barre FITT classes, class members not only enjoy a boost to their overall sense of wellness but also enjoy a break from the chaos of daily life.

As classical music gently fills the room, a fitness instructor leads the class through graceful movements designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles. The demanding poses amp up heart rates into the target ranges to provide all of the benefits of cardio routines without hectic, rushed movements.

This awesome fusion of dance and fitness – and strength training and cardio – help individuals work toward a strong, lean dancer’s body. The health benefits abound as well while minimizing the tedium and disengagement often experienced with repetitive fitness routines.

Beginning Your Barre FITT Journey

If you are ready to take the first step toward improved mental and physical wellness, contact the team at TexasFITT by calling 817-459-3488. The team will help you sign up for the classes or membership options that work best for your situation and schedule. Do not forget to follow in the incredible footsteps of Misty Copeland, and try Barre FITT classes today.

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