What Exercises should I Do while Pregnant?

January 29, 2019

Pregnancy isn’t comfortable. The farther along you get, the more pronounced those uncomfortable symptoms will become. Between the backaches and ankle swelling, it is no wonder that so many women stop exercising during pregnancy. However, staying active during pregnancy can help you and your baby stay healthy, and is known to have several benefits both during labor and during the postpartum period.

However, jumping into any old exercise routine while pregnant is not a good idea. There are certain precautions that you need to take to ensure that your baby stays safe while you exercise. Here are a few exercises that are often great choices for pregnant women:

1. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to stretch your muscles and ease tension in your body, and many yoga poses are perfectly safe during pregnancy. You should look for yoga classes with instructors who are knowledgeable about exercises that are safe for pregnant women so that you can be sure that your poses won’t harm the baby.

2. Walking

Walking is a great form of cardiovascular activity, and is a good exercise for pregnant women. Before walking long distances away from home, you should become aware of your limits. In addition, it’s best to walk with a buddy—especially towards the end of your pregnancy.

3. Swimming

This is an especially popular prenatal exercise option. Swimming is easy on the joints and muscles but gets your heart rate up, which makes it ideal for pregnant women.

4. Stationary Biking

Going out for a ride on your bike isn’t recommended during pregnancy because pregnant women tend to have trouble with balance and a real bike could fall over (which poses a huge risk to the baby). However, a stationary bike isn’t going anywhere, and so is a great solution for pregnant women who enjoy cycling.

5. Step or elliptical machines

There are plenty of women who run during pregnancy, but for some women, their gait changes so much as their pregnancy progresses that running is hard to keep up with. Also, going up the stairs and running down the street pose many of the same issues as riding your bike—if you were to lose balance and fall, you could potentially hurt yourself or the baby. Using step or elliptical machines at the gym is a much safer way to get in a similar workout without potentially injuring the baby or yourself.

If you aren’t sure that you know the best methods for exercising while pregnant, you should consider working with a personal trainer. A personal trainer can help you to make a workout plan that makes sense for your personal needs, taking into account the needs of both you and your baby while you’re pregnant. If you’re looking for a great gym with experienced personal trainers in the Arlington area, contact Texas FITT today.

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