7 Thoughts About Fitness & Your Love Life This Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018

Ah, love. The month of February is a particularly busy time of year for all things romance and devotion. At Texas FITT, we’re challenging our community to fall in love with their well-being, whether they’re currently in an intimate relationship or not.

After all, there are so many connections between health and fitness, and love. Why not keep both in mind this February 14th?

How Fitness Affects Your Love Life

To honor up-coming Valentine’s Day, we’re leaving you with seven interesting facts, insights, and challenges that relate to love and fitness, knowing that wellness requires health in our bodies, our minds, and our relationships.

  1. It’s a cliché, but it sure is true: you can only love others as much as you love yourself. So give yourself love from inside out: Walk. Lift weights. Stretch. Breathe. Meditate. Eat nutritious foods. Drink lots and lots of water (seriously: lots of water). Say kind things to yourself. Do what you love. Yes, learning to love yourself truly is a lifelong experiment, but the more frequently you behave in self-affirming ways, the more available you will be to give love to those you care about—and receive love from them, as well.
  2. It’s not unusual to feel stressed out and even a bit down around holidays, so challenge yourself to transform these feelings using specific strategies. In other words, allow yourself to enjoy in moderation sweets and treats, but don’t go overboard. Feel free to check out what’s going on on social media, but don’t get caught up in the comparison game. Grab your sneakers and head out for a walk: research shows this can help you adopt a more positive outlook and effect.
  3. Looking for the perfect gift for your health-conscious sweetheart? Here are some of our favorite ideas: a gift certificate for a massage (or for one of our beauty services), a piece of high quality cookware, a great new pair of headphones, a set of dumbbells, a yoga mat, a subscription to their favorite health magazine or meal-planning service, or some flattering workout clothing or “athleisure” wear (think Lululemon, Athleta, New Balance, etc.).
  4. Be sure to give your friends some love, too! If you celebrate “Galentine’s Day,” consider getting a bunch of your gym girlfriends together for one of our fitness classes, like barre, yoga, or Zumba (and the fellas are welcome, too, of course). Many of our classes are even open to non-members for a small fee, so feel free to bring along whoever cupid’s arrow strikes!
  5. Exercise and romance are mutually beneficial. Research from places like Harvard University has shown that regular exercise can improve your memory, mood, and anxiety levels—and it’s not hard to see how improvements in these areas can positively impact your love life.
  6. Raising a family? Instill healthy values by living in a healthy household. Children tend to model the behavior of their parents, so it’s a great idea to teach your kids how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by making it a part of their (and your) daily life. Family walks after dinner, sit up challenges during commercial breaks, “screen-free Saturdays,” family chef nights, and meals together at the dinner table are all wonderful ways to work on your health and fitness while teaching your children the value of their health and fitness, too.
  7. You don’t have to sacrifice your health goals to have a successful Valentine’s Day! Ditch the reservations and dine in with a home-cooked, heart-healthy meal (we love roasted broccoli and salmon). Pass on the rom-com, download a favorite podcast, and listen together as you head out for a hike, do yard work, or pass the Frisbee together instead. Skip the heart-shaped box and opt to split a bar of decadent dark chocolate and fresh strawberries. As for lower-impact cocktail options, go for champagne, red wine, tequila, and soda, or bourbon neat (and always drink responsibly).

Here’s to a Safe, Happy & Healthy Valentine’s Day From Texas FITT!

At Texas FITT, we’re on a mission to help our members enjoy long, healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives—and if we can encourage healthy couples as well as healthy individuals, all the better! So whether you’re currently single, newly dating, or in a long-term relationship, remember that you deserve to put your health first. Contact us today to learn more about our locations, our staff, our services, and our commitment to helping you and your loved ones thrive.

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