Understanding the Importance of Fitness for a Loving Relationship

February 13, 2017

Fitness is Key to a Healthy Relationship

Keeps It Alive

When a couple keeps its focus on being active and eating healthy, this allows them to discover new activities to take part in together. As a result, this contributes to keeping the relationship alive and helps steer it away from becoming boring. Experiencing new activities together keeps the adrenaline pumping by creating new memories, and therefore deepening the bond the two people share with one another.

Helps Match Priorities

A person’s priorities will only mesh well with another person’s if they are similar in nature. Take for example that you want to be outside and active on the weekends and during your time away from work. If you date someone who wants to lounge around all the time, this could add a lot of stress to the relationship. By dating someone who focuses on fitness, this helps ensure your priorities are aligned.

Reduces Stress

Did you know that eating healthy and staying physically active are two of the best ways to minimize your stress levels? Whether it be stress from work or stress from performing your normal daily routine, exercising and eating the right foods can be of extreme benefit. High-energy activities, such as dancing, roller skating, and jogging, are well known for reducing stress because they increase your heart rate. An accelerated heart rate increases the level of endorphins released in your body which serves as a natural form of opiates and decreases stress.

Increases Attractiveness to One Another

Did you know that studies show couples who take part in physical activities together state they feel more in love and have higher levels of relationship satisfaction? And even better is that the physiological effect that they gain after taking part in physical activities together leads to an increase in their attractiveness for each other.

Enhances Trust with Each Other

When two people set a goal, such as running a 5K together or losing 10 pounds, and achieve it, this enhances the trust they have for each other. When you see your partner commits to achieving a fitness goal with you and sticks with it, this shows you both loyalty and trustworthiness on your partner’s part. If your partner is willing to stick it out through the tough part of training physically to reach a fitness goal, this is a good sign he or she will be apt to stick it out with you during the struggles that life throws your way.

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