What’s With All The PokeZombies In My Parking Lot?

August 15, 2016

You may have noticed an increase in pedestrian traffic in front of your favorite businesses and hangouts. At Texas FITT we have noticed our share of these PokeZombies and after discovering what the seemingly random increase of people was doing, we realized that the game Pokemon Go, may just be a good thing.

Pokemon Go is a version of the game Pokemon that many played in their childhood. Except now instead of trading cards and collecting the Pokemon “Pocket Monsters” by buying random packs, people can download an app and go on an adventure finding monsters in real-world locations.

The term trainer is even taking on new meaning for some people, and when they refer to “Gyms” they may not be talking about Texas FITT. They may be talking about a place where people can go to battle their Pokemons and win for their team. Excellent Pokemon trainers work with their monsters by taking them to the Gym and letting them battle for both practice and dominance. These Gyms are located in various places around the globe and there are several in every city. In addition to Gyms are Pokestops. These are locations the players can go to receive more Pokeballs and other perks. These are mostly located at places of interest such as historical sites, statues, city parks, and art displays. The game is downloaded onto the player’s phone via a free app. There are upgrades of additional gold, eggs, incubators, or balls that can be bought but it is not required to have a great playing experience.

So What is All the Hype?

Why are people who never played this game as a child getting so worked up over it now? Psychologically it has to do with goal completion and a sense of adventure. According to the article on gamers, by Hamari, Juho, A Field Experiment on the Effects of Gamification, goal completion in the form of advances and badges are real incentives for players to keep playing. This game allows players to receive badges and the instant gratification for collecting Pocket Monsters. It has also increased a sense of community for some people who may have otherwise been inclined to play games from home. The game is making gamers get out and explore their community which is a big perk that anyone can get behind. Aside from the act of hunting the Pokemon, which are located everywhere from your backyard to the middle of the grocery store, players must walk a certain amount of Kilometers in order to hatch an egg. All types of Pokemon hatch from eggs and the incentive to walk is real.

When Not Getting Fit with Pokemon, Get Fit with Us

So now you know what is up with all the people wandering around outside the gym, in public areas and even sometimes where they don’t belong. They may be staring at their phones often, but they are playing a game that gets them out of the house, burns more calories, and makes them interact face to face occasionally. This is a big win for the advancement of gaming and augmented reality. Feel free to join the fun, Pokemon Go.

Pokemon players who are wandering outside Texas FITT and walking up to the Texas Tans and Beauty Bar sign to swipe for prizes, feel free to come on in and say hello! You can build up your own strength between visiting your Pokemon gym, and we even have qualified personal trainers to help you on your path to greatness. You can start to see positive results overall within a week, and clear muscle definition within 6 weeks. Call us today for a tour, you won’t regret it as you see physical gains and increased overall health (817) 459-3488.

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