The Post-Holiday Shape-Up: Tips for Trimming Your Holiday Gut

January 10, 2017

Get Rid of Holiday Weight Sooner Rather Than Later

It’s January. Unfortunately, you may be starting the new year a little larger than you ended the last. If your pants are a bit tight and you feel like holiday binging has left you out of sorts, the time for action is now. Statistics show that the average person gains anywhere from one pound to as many as 10 pounds during the holiday season. It isn’t all of those special treats that help pack on those pounds: it is also a lack of exercise and more stress than normal. Combined, all of these things can add up to, well, inches around your waist. So what can be done? Here is a simple post-holiday shape-up plan to get you back to looking – and feeling – like you again.

Face the Facts

How much damage did this holiday season inflict? Maybe you gained a few pounds, or maybe you got a little lazy and lost your exercise momentum. Statistics show that it takes about three weeks to get into a new habit, but less than a week to break one. Now, that’s startling news! So, even if you have faithfully exercised every day for months and took week or two off at Christmastime, it is going to take you the entire month of January to get back into your exercise groove. The best thing to do is start immediately. Set an exercise schedule and stick to it!


Stress can have a big impact on your waistline. From hormone fluctuations to a boost in cortisol levels, to simply craving comfort foods to make you feel better, the extra stress surrounding the holidays can equal extra pounds around your waist.

Start Slowly

When it comes to losing weight (especially only a few pounds), most people tend to go all in. They eat less; cut out carbohydrates; avoid sugar, all in an attempt to lose those pounds fast. While it may feel like that extra weight appeared overnight, the fact is that it will take a bit longer to get rid of it. Remember, getting back into shape is a marathon; not a sprint. Adopting a healthy eating plan and regular exercise routine is the best way to shed unwanted weight. Here are a few simple tips to help you along the way:

Never skip breakfast! Your body needs fuel to get moving in the morning. If you eat a healthy breakfast, you will actually help to maximize your metabolism – and this will help you lose weight.

Eat every 3-4 hours. By eating properly spaced meals, your body will be able to use what it is given without experiencing spikes and is in glucose, which can make you reach for a snack.

Eat a well-balanced diet. Don’t avoid all carbs. Eat a good mix of grains, carbohydrates, and protein for maximum efficiency.

Drink more water. Water not only helps keep you hydrated, but it can help to flush sodium from your body and relieve that bloated feeling. Strive for taking in 6-8 glasses per day.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Nothing beats a good workout for helping you feel and look better. If you are finding it difficult to get started, meet with one of the professional trainers at Texas FITT to help design a plan that will help you trim fat and build muscles to give you more energy and feel great. Diet alone cannot help you shed those unwanted Christmas pounds. Moving more is an essential step to getting over your holiday gluttony. Start today and before you know it you will feel more comfortable in your own skin – and your favorite jeans.

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