Who Loves Breakfast For Dinner?

November 13, 2015

Meal Planning

Breakfast for dinner anyone? Breakfast is a favorite for dinner at our house. Here is an easy recipe you can whip up for yourself when the family wants breakfast for dinner.

Toast two pieces of super low carb/low cal bread

(make sure it’s sprouted, like Ezekiel brand bread in the freezer section of most grocery stores)

Mash your favorite berries with a fork (mine are raspberries) and whisk berries with two eggs & dash of cinnamon.

After the above: soak both sides of toast with your super cool egg goo, add slices to a medium heat skillet (spray with non-stick spray), & cook until bubbly at the top (flip once).

Whip up some 35 Calorie/slice organic turkey bacon & you’re golden!

300 Total Calories

Clint & Stephanie Springer, Texas Fitt Owners

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