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Our personal trainers are the secret ingredient that’ll help you excel. Whether you’re striving toward your next fitness milestone or just starting out, they’re here to support, motivate and guide you on your fitness journey. Here are just a few ways you can put TexasFITT’s professional trainers to work for you:

Having long-term goals is great! But breaking those goals down into short and medium term milestones is even better. Our trainers will sit down with you to establish a timeline of goals that are realistic, attainable, and specific enough to be measured. So how fit are you, anyway? Our trainers use standardized fitness tests to set a baseline for your strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular capacity. Once you have that baseline, you can revisit the same tests periodically to measure your progress.

Now that you have a clearly defined, realistic and measurable goal to aim for, it’s time to create a fitness program that’ll get you there. Our trainers will help you design workouts that fit into your lifestyle and get you results.

Exercise is great — but diet and exercise together are even better. Our trainers can help you build eating habits that’ll support your body and fuel it to do more than you ever thought possible.

If you just can’t seem to break through your latest fitness plateau, book a few sessions with one of our trainers. They can help you mix up your program and optimize both exercise and diet, so you’ll start seeing results.

Have you been wanting to try a new type of workout or fitness equipment? Our personal trainers can teach you the proper technique, explain how to design your own workout plan, or troubleshoot your existing workouts to minimize your risk of injury.

If your goal is to see a lower number on the scale, we’ve got your back! Our trainers can dish out just the right mix of motivation, encouragement, and education to help you see results.

Our entire staff is here to create a safe, welcoming environment. But when you find yourself needing that extra touch of motivation or support, there’s nothing like having a trainer by your side to help push you toward your goals.

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