Texas Fitt Classes

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Simple Yoga

Simple yoga is performed to stretch the connective tissues of the body. Primary connective tissues include the hips, thighs and lower spinal area. These types of tissues stretch and exercise the bone and joints areas of the body. This type of asana practice is beneficial to a wide variety of people. This will be a slower paced class with more stretching less holds. This class is great for beginner yogis.

Yoga – Pilate’s

This groundbreaking fusion of Yoga and Pilate’s blends together and works all the major muscle groups. This is an awesome beginner level class that focuses a lot on core and flexibility.


Barre FITT

Barre FITT is a ballet Pilates fusion inspired work out that focuses on small isometric movements to create long lean muscles through stretching. This is a low impact class for all fitness levels.


Zumba FITT

Dance FITT is an easy to follow, Latin-inspired, calorie burning, dance class.

FITT Women

FITT Women a low-impact, high-energy class.

Cycle FITT

Cycle FITT is a 45 minute to one-hour long indoor cycle class to upbeat music led by an enthusiastic instructor. This is a great way to burn calories yet low impact enough for anyone.


Piloxing a blended class, of boxing, dance, and Pilate’s.

Group FITT

A mixture of cycle FITT, TRX suspension training, and core training.


A high-intensity workout that is great for conditioning. The instructor will teach you how to punch and kick your way through a fun cardiovascular workout.